Hey dear readers! Thank you for sticking with me so far. Thank you for the reads, likes, follows, comments and shares.

It’s my birthday tomorrow! Yes! It’s another cycle of 365 days completed already. Left with me, I would have loved to publish this tomorrow but to avoid any inconsistencies, here you go!

Today’s post is going to be a fun one. I will be sharing 8 of my favourite Scriptures with you and how they played out in my head. I hope you are as excited reading this as I am excited writing this. Let’s dive right in. . .

My Favourite Scriptures


So this is how this one played out in my head:

I’m bothered, scared and stressed out about how to go about living a Christ-like life. It’s so hard at least from what I’ve experienced. I have put in so much efforts but all to no avail. Then, I hear His whisper “Hey! You’ll have to redouble those efforts of yours, but know that I’m willing and working in you what will give Me the most pleasure. So, chill out!”

MATTHEW 11:28‭-‬30 TPT

That day had been a busy and stressful one. I felt like crying. I knew very well that it wasn’t because of the fact that I was exhausted. I just couldn’t place my hands on whatever was making me cry. Almost immediately, my friend texted me to remind me of a prayer meeting that night. I needed to tell someone how I was feeling so I did just that. Then, she sent me this Scripture. She told me I’ll be okay even though I didn’t know what was wrong. It was a timely word.

COL. 2:10 TPT

Whenever I’m feeling inadequate, not enough or like a part of me has been left in the past, the Holy Spirit brings this very Scripture to my remembrance. He reminds me that I am complete in HIM. Telling me of how I have His fullness in me. Telling me that I do not need anyone else to complete me.

JER. 29:11 AMP

I am getting scared of what the future holds for me. What if I don’t get to do all God planned for me? What if I end up doing someone else’s job? What if I don’t get to fulfill my purpose? These questions keep running through my mind. Then, I hear His whisper. He speaks this unexplainable peace and gives me hope for my future. I see it more as a response to my all-time fears.


For someone who was always afraid and filled with fear right from childhood. . .

I mean, I would use my palms to cover my eyes until I fall asleep. LOL. Knowing that I am GOD’S own just calms all my fears and other voices. It gives me freedom from all fears. I AM GOD’S OWN!

JN. 15:16 NIV

GOD in His sovereignty and all-knowing power looked down from His throne, saw me just as I was and He chose me! He called me out and literally chose me to be His own. To do his work. To be called by His name. To bring glory to His name here on earth. What a great privilege! He also chose you too. Yes you are chosen by GOD!

HEB. 13:5 AMP

Whenever I feel alone. Whenever I feel like GOD isn’t present with me. Whenever I feel like all hope is lost. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the cares of this world, He reminds me that He’s right by my side. Cheering me on with love and pleasure in His eyes !

ROM. 8:1 AMP

So, this is the devil’s area of expertise. He comes around to say Hi, bringing your old sins, memories of your past hurts and mistakes. He tells you you’ll never measure up and will never be good enough for God’s love. Then, you hear God’s whisper saying “You’re not condemned dear. I love you and cleansed you from all that.” How comforting!


So there you have it! 8 of my fav Scriptures. Just 8 of them! I know you have been inspired by them. I’m sorry for personalizing them so much . It was really hard generalizing these Scriptures because this is how they played out in my head. This was the way the Holy Spirit interpreted them to me.

I made wallpapers of the 8 Scriptures and as usual, they are on the Christian Wallpapers page so please do well to check them out. For nice screenshots, check the story highlights on my blog page on IG. Please share this post and also leave a comment as I always love to hear from you.

23 responses to “My Fav Scriptures (Birthday Edition)”

  1. IB writes Avatar

    Woooh! 🔥✨❤️

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  2. Jane Balogun Avatar
    Jane Balogun

    I love this, greater heights ma

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  3. Rhema Avatar

    Powerful scriptures.
    A wonderful write-up

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  4. Victor Enejo Adeyi Avatar
    Victor Enejo Adeyi

    How comforting is the speakings of Scripture to us.👊👊🔥🔥

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  5. Ewemade Braimoh Avatar
    Ewemade Braimoh

    More inspiration Abba’s Girl. Happy birthday dear.Wishing u Abba’s best for u in this ur new age in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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    1. BraimohGod'sglory Avatar

      Thank you Mom! ❤️


  6. Amen Avatar

    Keep up the great work
    God bless you ♥️

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    1. BraimohGod'sglory Avatar

      Thank you! 💚


  7. Okoukoni Austin Avatar
    Okoukoni Austin

    Wow….. Amazing…… God is forever intentional about us. Kudos GG

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  8. Dare Avatar

    One of the most reassuring ways through which God shows us that He’s with us in time of trouble is through His words.

    Keep up the good job.

    Happy birthday in advance.

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    1. BraimohGod'sglory Avatar

      Yes! 💯

      Thank you Sir!


  9. Alex Avatar

    Amazing collection of scriptures…. Blessed reading them… Constantly reminding us of God’s evergreen mercies towards us. God bless you and a happy birthday in advance.

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    1. BraimohGod'sglory Avatar


      Thank you Sir



    They spoke to me too. I could also relate. Thanks GG

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    1. BraimohGod'sglory Avatar

      Thank GOD you could! ❤️


  11. Victory Aiminhiefe Avatar
    Victory Aiminhiefe

    Beautiful scriptures, God bless you dear

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    1. BraimohGod'sglory Avatar

      Amen! Thank you! ❤️


  12. Favour Ifoga Avatar
    Favour Ifoga


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