Living virtual lives

I was seated at my Dad’s clinic, going through my messages on Whatsapp when an elderly patient walked in. After stating the reason he visited and was asked to wait patiently, he sat opposite me and I noticed he was staring. He then asked me, ‘what are you doing? ‘. Not knowing the reason for his question, I was thinking of a reply when he said, ‘social media right? ‘. I nodded. He continued, ‘these children of nowadays don’t know what life is about. Instead of reading your books and trying to secure a good future, you aimlessly scroll through social media. ‘

Sadly, this is true. You wake up in the morning, first thing you do is go on social media. A little free time – social media. You were studying a material. You needed to look something up on Google and all your notifications start to pop up. You divert from studying to scrolling through social media.

Social media is a world on its own. It is the virtual world. Now, when I say Social Media, I’m specifically talking about the various mediums we use for interaction e. g. Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and the likes. Social media has had a lot of negative effects on our generation. This includes unrealistic views of people, comparison, unnecessary distractions that have led to creativity being crippled.

Everytime you put something on there, you expose yourself to a lot of people (bear that in mind). This is why you want to be very careful of the kind of information you share. Don’t share sensitive and personal information. We’ve heard tales of several people who have been hacked, robbed, tracked or even killed because of the updates they put up on Social Media.

Nowadays, a lot of people can’t sustain meaningful conversations for long. This might be as a result of too much ‘living on social media’ . Excessive use of slangs which either do not make sense or are grammatically incorrect has become a norm . They rather opt for communicating online rather than face-to-face communication.

I know what you’re thinking. Social media can be very beneficial , yeah? You get to create awareness of your brand, get more traffic to your website, make money online…

The list is endless but as much as you can be very productive online, you can be much more in real life.

So, come back to the real world! Let’s make a decision together to limit our social media time and secure great futures like my elderly friend advised.

  • Have actual conversations
  • Spend time with friends – don’t post
  • Meet people and their unique personalities in real life
  • Don’t let social media be your ground for social interaction.

You’ll be grateful you did. I hope you were inspired. I’ll like to hear from you. Don’t forget to also share to your loved ones.

Don’t share sensitive and personal information on Social Media. #gloryinspires

Don’t let social media be your ground for social interaction. #gloryinspires

25 responses to “Social Media :The Pitfall of it II”

  1. ukaobasi450 Avatar

    I like the part where you said unrealistic views of people. Social media helps you to See celebrity lifestyles and luxury lifestyles of people on social media without seeing the amount of work those people put in daily that creates a get rich or die trying mindset we’re seeing the results in our generation today

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    1. BraimohGod'sglory Avatar

      Hmmm very true! 💯


  2. Dan{sir) Avatar

    This piece, brought back conciousness
    Ride on, GG

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  3. Victory Avatar

    Welldone bae🙌🙌

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  4. Destiny Ikpotokin Avatar

    “Spend more time with friends than you post.” I love that!💘 A few days a go I was reminded by someone on social media to never compare myself with someone’s post. I think many of us need that! Thanks for this. More Inspiration from above.💘🌠

    Liked by 2 people

    1. BraimohGod'sglory Avatar


      Amen! 🤲🏾 Thank you!


  5. Michel Avatar

    Wonderful work

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  6. Victor Oghenekaro Avatar
    Victor Oghenekaro

    Smiles,Social media is an entire world of its own,its a god like this! an idol we create for ourselves.So much value,GG.

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  7. Braimoh Ewemade Avatar
    Braimoh Ewemade

    Good one dear..This is relevant in a time like this.More inspiration in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

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    Spot on. Thank you.

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  9. God's Own Avatar
    God’s Own

    Nice one🙌

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  10. Toluwalope Avatar

    So true✨ Thank you

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  11. Samuel Ayomikun Avatar
    Samuel Ayomikun

    Nice piece dear….
    More grace

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  12. IB writes Avatar

    Beautiful. Learnt a great deal. Thank You Glory!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. BraimohGod'sglory Avatar

      Glad you did!
      Thank God!


  13. Dare Avatar

    Lovely write up.
    More grace.

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