Happy New Month Guys! Welcome to July! I was reminiscing recently and I remembered how judgy I used to be.

I know many of us have been on this road before : either as the judge or the one being judged. In fact, some of us are still on this road even. The thing is, when we judge others, it’s as though we’re better than them and possibly superior to them. We tend to forget that we aren’t perfect (moving towards perfection in Christ though) and at some point in time, we needed someone to save us.

Want to be like Jesus? Jesus never pushed away sinners, He welcomed them instead so He could convert them.

Uche Buzz

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, to judge means to form an opinion about (something or someone) after careful thought’. But this is the direct opposite of what we do most times. We don’t take a second thought nor do we try to find out more. We just end up with conclusions which are most times, false.

Let’s take a cue from Jesus (we can never get tired of taking cues from Him). There was a woman who committed adultery and when she was brought before Jesus to be stoned, He told her accusers to only cast a stone on her if they were without sin. Of course, no one could because they were sinners too. Don’t judge someone because their sin seems greater than yours.(there’s even no such thing as big sin or little sin – Sin is Sin)

There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you—who are you to judge your neighbor?

James 4:12 NIV

God is the Judge of us all. A righteous one at that! (Ps. 7:11)

Oh she’s bad! Oh he’s indecent! Yuck! can’t move this guy and that guy and then you go on telling people not to move with them too because of your opinion about them? No! You don’t get to do that. Don’t get me wrong though – discerning the right people to move with isn’t judging. You totally have the right to decide how to interact with people and choose who to mingle with.

In a nutshell, wrong judgement mostly leads to avoidable arguments and could even tear people down. You aren’t better than anyone! So choose loving people over judging them!! I hope this was helpful. Have you ever been in a situation where you were judged? I’ll like to hear from you.

Stop judging others!!

Want to be like Jesus? Jesus never pushed away sinners, He welcomed them instead so He could convert them.

12 responses to “God’s The Judge”

  1. Victory Avatar

    Wow, God help us.

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  2. Toluwalope Avatar

    ✨✨Thank you.
    Thank God🙌🏾

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  3. Naythanyel Avatar

    Reading this at 3am, wanted a Word before going back to sleep and I came here. Thanks. It’s a word sis, it’s inspired by the Holy spirit
    Looking forward to more. Boss mi 🙃

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    1. BraimohGod'sglory Avatar

      Thank God!! 😹Thanks Nate!


  4. Dare Avatar

    Our job as Christians is to win souls, God should do the judging. Beautiful piece, more grace ma.

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  5. Sweetboi Avatar

    Beautifully penned down Ma!..✨

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  6. God's Own Avatar
    God’s Own


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