There are a lot of young people who have the wrong mindset about their identity. They let the the material and temporary things of this world define who they are.

We don’t focus on the things that can be seen but on the things that can’t be seen. The things that can be seen don’t last, but the things that can’t be seen are eternal.”

2 COR. 4:18 CEB

Let’s take a cue from two renowned men in the Bible:

The first is a tall, young, muscular and handsome man with dimples and perfect set of teeth. Imagine that! His name was Saul and everyone really liked him especially the ladies and they thought, “Oh! He’ll make a great leader!” After all, he had most of the qualities required.

Priscilla Shirer said, “If he had been on Instagram, he’d have had a lot of followers because he had lit pictures. ” Anyways, back to our story.

Saul was voted in and performed exceedingly well because he partnered with God. After a while though, the people wanted him to do things their way and he got tensed and listened to them at the expense of God. Do you know what happened next? Yes, you guessed right! His choice caused him to be cut off from God and eventually, the same people that lured him into the mess, deserted him.

On the other hand, was another great Person. Right from the time he was born, people have been after Him. Some wanted Him killed, others hated Him because He did great things and helped a lot of people. They called Him names. But at the same time, He had followers who loved him dearly. Despite all that happened, He wasn’t wavered or bothered because He partnered with God. He addressed some of His haters and told them to their faces to desist from their acts. Do you have an idea of who the second person is? (I think I hinted you guy real good LOL).

If you do, drop your guess in the comment section.

To cut the long story short, He didn’t let all that define Him. This was because He knew who He was, what He was sent to do and wasn’t going to let anything change that.

Now, do you feel like you don’t know your purpose here on earth? Or you feel like you’ve been walking on the right path and all of a sudden it seems as if you don’t know what you’re doing anymore? Or you’ve become so filled with what everyone else says about you that you’re now clueless? If this sounds like you, read my next post.

I’ll also love for you to check out the movie OVERCOMER. Here’s the link below :

10 responses to “IDENTITY CRISIS 1”

  1. mofiyhin Avatar

    Watched it …its a lovely movie

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  2. Victory Avatar

    Welldone girl

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  3. Dare Avatar

    Wonderful piece, identity Crisis, a major trauma an average Christian youth face today, we want to be with God and at the same time mingle with the trends. May God deliver us all. More grace #gloryinspires.

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    1. braimohgodsglory Avatar

      🙏😺💯Thank you Sir



    The first person is king Saul
    While the other is Jesus.

    By the way, amazing write up. I expect more.
    More grace Ma.

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    1. braimohgodsglory Avatar

      😺🙏Thank you Ma


  5. Confidence Onumabor Avatar
    Confidence Onumabor

    Saul the first example. So disheartening that he fell and never seemed to get back up😢.

    The second example, my gee😅 King David (I love to address him that way).

    Identity Crisis 1🙌… can’t wait for 2 or 3😏😂😂.

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    1. braimohgodsglory Avatar

      Your guess was partially right… I’ll like others to make theirs though..
      . Thank you for sharing your view

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      1. Confidence Onumabor Avatar
        Confidence Onumabor


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  6. Toluwalope Avatar

    ✨✨✨ Thank you

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