Hey guys! Thanks for your support thus far. Thanks for commenting, sharing. I love you all so much. God has been the best part of my life. I am not one bit the same person I used to be since I got intentional about my walk with God. Well, I’m not where I want to be, but trust me ; I’m not where I was before. So I’m going to be sharing some of the lessons I’ve learnt so far…

(1) God is the best thing that has ever happened to me: Really guys, God is the “realest”! He just knows me inside out, He even knows me more than I know myself. This has made me love spending time with Him. Every moment is something beautiful, something different and unexplainable.

(2) I do not need a guy to complete me: God has given me everything I need. I can’t be lonely, I can’t be unhappy because I don’t have a guy.

(3) The times I feel lonely, God is with me : Earlier this year, series of things happened. Never had I had those sort of feelings, I was unnecessarily afraid, felt lonely…During those periods, I couldn’t sleep, eat properly. In those times, I stuck to Phil. 4:6-7 and I would read it loud to myself. Also, in Heb 13:5, God promised never to leave us nor forsake us. Even when you feel like you’re alone, truth is He’s there still loving you. So if you ever feel that way, here are 3 things you should do:

  • Tell God how you feel
  • Focus on the reality of God
  • Trust God to keep His promises like in Heb. 13:5

(4) I’ve learnt to be completely honest with God: Genuine friendship is built on disclosure. I’ve learnt to hold back nothing of how I feel. When I feel hurt, I tell Him. Have a crush LOL , I tell it to Him.

(5) There’s nothing as good as listening to the right music: Godly music is the real deal guys! Music has a lot of significance that you do not want to mess with it. Remember the time in the Bible when an evil spirit came on Saul and David played the harp and Saul felt better? Shows that music is more than what you think.

(6) My family, My all: Despite the quarrels and disagreements we have,we are still one and I do not regret that I was born into this family. I love you to bits!! Especially my bodyguards. Haha!

(7) Comparison kills: I am unique and there is no person exactly and 100% Me. I do not have to compare myself to anyone because we all have our different times to bloom. Comparison is a thief of Joy.

(8) Social media is toxic: I tend to spend a lot of time on Whatsapp and Instagram most especially. It does nothing but waste the precious time I could have invested in something more productive.

(9) I can’t do it alone: In order for me to grow and survive, I need others. I can’t do it by myself Rom. 12:5. Fellowshipping with brethren is really encouraging.

(10) Show me your friend: I mentioned in my previous post of how my Mom made sure that I didn’t keep the wrong company. It’s a very dangerous thing to keep company with people who don’t share same values, views or opinions as you.

(11) Study now, enjoy later: Grades matter a lot but is not everything. It’s better to study all you can now and have fun later.

(12) My parents have my best interest at heart: Most times, when my mom and dad make some decisions concerning me that I do not agree with, I feel like they’re over doing things. But I’ve come to realize that over time, it always turns out well.

(13) I am a perfect beauty: I do not need to compare someone’s looks, skin colour or curves with mine. You lose your identity doing all that. I’ve learnt to appreciate myself.

(14) Have healthy fun: Now is my time – the most agile I’ll ever be. I watch movies, listen to music, draw and even spend time with my family and friends for fun.

(15) Stay as healthy as possible : So as not to break down or cause avoidable complications. My body is the temple of God and its my duty to take care of myself.

(16) Integrity is everything!!

(17) Use my God – given talents : if not, I could lose them. They’re not just there to complement me, they’re meant to be used to impact the world in positive ways.

(18) Now is the right time to serve God : Not when all my strength is gone but now!!! So there you have it!18 lessons I’ve learnt so far. Thanks for reading this post and you could share any other life lessons in the comment section. Don’t forget to share if it blessed you too.

29 responses to “It’s My Birthday! (Birthday Edition)”

  1. God's Own Avatar
    God’s Own

    Nice one Sis👍


  2. Confidence Onumabor Avatar
    Confidence Onumabor

    I hope it’s not too late to still comment. Happy belated birthday. Nice piece… 26 thoughts eh!🤔

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    1. braimohgodsglory Avatar

      Never late to comment…Thanks


  3. Tj.panthera Avatar

    Birthday Blessings D! ✨

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  4. Chuks Favour Avatar
    Chuks Favour


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  5. Gideon Winners Avatar
    Gideon Winners

    Happy birthday dear abundant life and prosperity.What an intriguing message, many ladies out there need to inhale this piece. Pls, do something in regards to that. Enjoy your day.

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    1. braimohgodsglory Avatar

      Thanks a lot Gideon!!I’ll try my possible best!


  6. Toluwalope Avatar

    Thank youuu!
    Happy birthday love 💚

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  7. Traveler Avatar


    Happy Birthday love.

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    Happy Birthday dear,
    this write up is so apt.

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  9. dancer Avatar

    Oh! What a wonderful way to celebrate one’s birthday. Happy birthday, Isoken

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    1. braimohgodsglory Avatar

      Thanks Dancer(sir)😁


  10. Victory Avatar

    Happy Birthday Honey. This is inspiring.😇😇

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  11. Deborah Avatar

    Wonderful and inspiring
    Happy birthday great woman,greater heights.

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  12. Massie Avatar

    Happy Birthday.

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  13. Naythanyel Avatar

    Honestly you have said a lot, it’s inspiring and I really like what I just read. God is indeed everything

    Happy Birthday once again, more inspiration, more Ideas and more Message from your #Crush (God) in Jesus name

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  14. Hadassah Sam Avatar
    Hadassah Sam

    Happy birthday dearest, such an inspiring post❣️

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  15. Aimufua Blessing Oghogho Avatar
    Aimufua Blessing Oghogho

    Happy Birthday my love

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  16. Ireti Avatar

    Happy birthday dear
    This really inspired me😍😚😚

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  17. Oyelakin Emmanuel Oluwaseyi Avatar
    Oyelakin Emmanuel Oluwaseyi

    Amazin..,I love this peice of word
    Once again happy birthday dear

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  18. David Ade Avatar
    David Ade

    Wow! Impressive… Happy birthday dear.

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    1. Mike Avatar


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