Now that you still have all this strength and time, here are some things you could do to make your teenage years worth it:

  • OBEY GOD: This is the time we will most likely feel pressure to commit sin as mentioned in my previous post.We were made for God’s pleasure (Col. 1:16) and Rom. 12:1 tells us not to offer our bodies to Sin but to offer it to God. All the satisfaction you want in this life is found in one person.GOD IS THE ONLY TRUE SOURCE OF SATISFACTION SO HOLD ON TO HIM AND OBEY HIM.
  • MAINTAIN HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS(Prov. 27:17): Evil Company corrupts good manners. Yes indeed it does. When I was much younger, everyone I met became my friend. My mom would always tell me everyone couldn’t be my friend. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should make enemies but you have to be very cautious. God has a great plan for your life and trust me you don’t want to ruin it. How do I know? Jer. 29:11 says so. Surround yourself with the right company! You can’t have friends who don’t share the same values with you and expect to maintain those values. It’s just a matter of time before you forget who you are.
  • STAY HEALTHY AND AVOID HABITS THAT COULD LEAD TO COMPLICATIONS LATER e.g Smoking, drinking, use of illicit drugs,taking too much sugar and so on…
  • DISCOVER YOURSELF: Everyone of us have different talents and potential that have been deposited in us by God. As mentioned earlier, He has a plan for us. You’re in your family, in that country, in this century not by mistake but by divine orchestration. These talents and abilities have been given to us to fulfill that very assignment we are on Mother Earth for. Matt. 25:14-29 tells us of what could happen when we do not utilize these talents. Now is the time to discover those potentials and use them for the fulfillment of purpose.
  • HAVE FUN: Yes I said that. Have fun! Because this is the youngest and strongest you’ll ever be. Enjoy going out with friends, enjoy the fact that you don’t have too many responsibilities yet and just have fun. It won’t be like this forever!

So take that guitar lesson, sever those relationships that can tempt you to stray from God’s Plan and enjoy. I really hope you have the best teenage years and hopefully, this helped you a lot. Don’t forget to comment and share this post.GOD bless you!

7 responses to “Making the most of your teenage years II”

  1. Lahyor Avatar


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  2. dancer Avatar

    Thanks for d piece

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  3. davidade3310 Avatar

    I’m inspired, You are Lifted dear!

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  4. God's Own Avatar
    God’s Own

    Nice one🙌

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  5. Destiny Ikpotokin Avatar
    Destiny Ikpotokin

    I love this gal!!!

    Remember to have fun!!!😌💞

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