Hi! Welcome!

I’m God’sglory a.k.a. Gigi.

I’m a fourth year Optometry student, Saxophonist and Writer as you will soon find out. I have always loved to write and this blog lets me do ust that.

So officially, I say “Welcome to my blog!

Oh! Thank you for stopping by too. Here, you will be inspired.

About the Blog

Gloryinspires is a Christian blog that was inspired by the Holy Spiirit. This is why the blog’s tagline clearly spells :

“GOD inspires God’sglory to inspire you.”

For a very long time, Christianity has been perceived to be boring by young people. They say it’s for ‘freaks’. Gloryinspires will help you see that Christianity doesn’t have to be boring.

I’ll write on topics affecting Christians and Non-Christians. Also, on practical ways for Christian Living a young people.

I promise you’ll relate with them. It’ll be like we’re having real life conversations.

You’ll be proud to be a Jesus freak eventually.

Posting Schedule

I post every first Sunday of the month except there’s a blog series.

So, come along with me on this journey. Tell your friends to join in too.



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